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Antonio's Story

  • Author: Antonio Hernandez
  • Date Submitted: Oct 15, 2020
  • Category: Orthopedics

“ You never know what’s going to happen in life, I appreciate Dr. Mihalcin for leaving the big decisions up to me.”

When Your Body Tells You It’s Time For Help, We’re Here To Help You Listen

Antonio Hernandez is a busy family man. Whether he is cooking big Sunday dinners, riding bikes with his wife, or picking up grandkids after school, Antonio is spending his retirement years doing the things he loves. But all that changed for the 67-year-old of Visalia when a truck drove into the intersection he was traveling through and t-boned his car. Suddenly, Antonio found himself dealing with major knee pain and a major shift in his lifestyle.  

The accident tore his meniscus, so Antonio was referred to Dr. Jason Mihalcin, an orthopedic surgeon with Kaweah Health Medical Group who is also affiliated with Kaweah Health, for help figuring out his treatment options. But, there was one thing Antonio knew for sure: surgery would be his last resort. “Any invasive procedures in the body, especially at my age, are worrisome,” said Antonio. “Dr. Mihalcin listened to my concerns. He was very honest and set a roadmap that didn’t rush me into surgery.” 

However, after six months of on-and-off pain relief from minor knee procedures, it came time for Antonio to consider knee replacement surgery. “I decided that I’d had enough,” Antonio shared. “My body was telling me that it was time for surgery and I felt safe and secure in Dr. Mihalcin’s care. He and his staff genuinely care about you.”  

Antonio’s trust in his surgeon and the care at Kaweah Health proved to be right. Just two months after surgery, he was back on his feet and able to keep up with his grandkids again. “You never know what’s going to happen in life,” stated Antonio. “I appreciate Dr. Mihalcin for leaving the big decisions up to me.” Antonio’s next hard decision: which European cities to visit in the fall with his wife, and his brand new knee.