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Linking Us Together for Better Care

Congratulations on signing up for our patient portal, and taking ownership of your health record! Kaweah Health Medical Group has partnered with Follow My Health to allow access to your health information, but we realize that not all of your health care providers may utilize the same patient portal. We are pleased to offer you a new tool which will allow you to store all of your health information in one location.

MyLinks is a free and optional third party application that allows you to electronically gather your health information from all of your healthcare providers, and store them securely in one place, fully under your control. MyLinks also allows you to share your records with whomever you chose.
If you are interested in more information about MyLinks, we invite you to go to, and explore their website. Then, if you are interested in creating an account click, "Sign Up."

Once you've filled out your information, a confirmation will be sent to your email in order to complete your registration.

Now, you’ll need to gather the information from the various Patient Portals that you belong to. To do this, you will need the username and password for each patient portal that you want to collect health data from. This information is used to securely authenticate your identity. If you haven’t been asked to join your other healthcare provider’s patient portal, we encourage you to speak with them and inquire about gaining access to your health records.

If you elect to create an account with MyLinks, you can begin gathering your records by clicking, "Gather Health Records." You will be prompted to search for your healthcare organization. In order to connect to KHMG, you will need to search for, “Kaweah Health Medical Group,” as your healthcare organization. Once the organization displays, click, "Get Health Records." You will then be routed to the Follow My Health login page.

After you login to Follow My Health with your FMH credentials, you will be asked to accept the FMH access agreement. Once you select, “Yes, I accept,” MyLinks will start to gather your health information.

After your medical records are gathered, you can review your information, share your information, or start your medical journal. If you need any assistance please reach out to, or you can call them directly at 405.703-3010.